New beginning

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Hello 2017!

I know it's pretty late to say hello 2017 but it's better late than never right? I always wanna have a blog to update or to share something I love but I'm so lazy to do it. I used to have a blog during my high school 6/7 years ago but I forgot the password and even the email address. #typicalrosha

I decided it's finally time for me to write something because maybe whatever I write on here can help someone or maybe I can use those in 10 years later? Who knows? And it's also my resolution to do something that out of my comfort zone so I guess this is my baby step. So why did I choose Lifesticious as my blog's name? Lifesticious is such a random word that came up in my mind because I always struggle to create a name. LOL!

I need to study more about this blog thingy because I haven't use it for ages! It looks so basic right now. So sorry if my blog doesn't look. I'll fix it I promise.

I hope that I will have more time and idea to write something here. I will use two languages which are Malay and English so I hope it will be okay for everyone. (I'm talking like I even have a viewer) a girl can always dreaming right.

I guess this is all I wanna say for my first post. Have a nice day everyone!

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