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                   I haven't wrote a new post for a few days and today I decided to write about something that I love which is music. Music means so much to me and I know to majority of people too. I honestly can't live without music.as I need to listen to at least one song a day. Whenever I have a problem or if I was too stressed with my life, I will listen to my favorite artist such as One Direction, 5SOS and many more. Music is a place for me to escape from my life and can make me forgot about my problems for a while and enjoy it to the fullest.

One Direction during their last performance on The X Factor in 2015

                   Do you know that music can bring a new friendship in your life? Surprisingly right but it really does. I met a lot of internet friends through music and I am so glad to meet them. You know when you meet someone with the same interest like you (as for me music), you couldn't be so happier. as you can fangirling about your favorite artists that you can't do with people around you. Sometimes they understand you more, I'm not gonna lie.

                   I always get excited whenever my favorite artists release a new song or album because I finally have a new thing to listen to. So I heard a rumor that Harry Styles will release a single or maybe album during the Grammy Awards but nothing have been confirmed yet. I was so excited when I heard about this rumor because I love Harry so much haha.

                   Sometimes I will randomly listen to any artists on YouTube or Spotify and get surprise
why I didn't discover about them earlier. There are  a lot of talented artists that need more recognition from people and I really hope they do one day :).

                  If you have a good song or artist you wanna share with me, please comment below as I would love to discover new music :) Hopefully I will write more after this. Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. Check out JFlaMusic on youtube. Sh's amazing!

  2. Dah tua agaknya, tak berapa kenal artis yang disebutkan
    dulu kalau boyband, minat giler dengan backstreet boys...dululah kan. haha

    tapi totally agreed with you about music
    teringat popular quote by aj mclean yang merupakan salah seorang
    anggota backstreet boys

    "Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life"

    1. haha dulu masa kecik2 pernah jugak dengar lagu backstreet boys, simple plan :)